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Dr. Patrick J. Roncone

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry


Smile Gallery

Space Closure -- Dentistry by Dr. Roncone

This patient had a large space that was treated with WHITE FILLING MATERIAL ONLY by Dr. Roncone.

Smile Makeover--Dentistry by Dr. Roncone

This Case was completed in just TWO appointments! Crowns were placed and gingival recontouring completed to give this patient the smile she always wanted.

Veneers (Lumineers)-- By Dr. Roncone

Before and After

Dental Implants-Dentistry by Dr. Roncone

This patient had a missing tooth replaced with a single front tooth implant with crown placement.


This is what our Patients have to say

"Many thanks for your kindness and excellent care. I appreciate you and all you do for me" - John


"Thank you so much for taking care of me on such short notice. I really appreciate the way the whole office treats me. I know I am in good hands no matter what needs to be done. Have a good day! "- Lori

" I wish to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to you for my two new front teeth and the overall appearance of my lower front teeth. It has been longer than I can remember since I have had anything resembling what I now have in my mouth! I am very pleased with the way that my lower teeth now appear and appreciate all the time and effort that you put into ensuring that both of us would be happy with the final result. Again, my sincere appreciation to you and to your staff for accommodating me and for your concern and kindness & I have moved many times in my life and been in many dentists offices in my 54 years; however, I have never in my lifetime encountered an office where I really liked everyone employed there until yours. EVERYONE in your office is unusually kind and pleasant!!!! It was a rather remarkable experience for me and I have commented about it to many of my friends. Thank you so very much to you and to your staff for making this a very pleasant experience with such a wonderful outcome! "-Cindy

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